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Watch Orientation Video

(9 Minutes)

Step 1

Go to or navigate to Homebuyer’s Guide > Reservation.

Step 2

Fill out the required information then click submit.

Step 3

Chat our office through messenger: informing us of your submission.

Step 4

Submit your complete requirements to the receptionist at Valeenvista Residences Office.

Step 5

Wait for your Unit Selection schedule, once requirements are checked and verified.

Step 6

Sign the Reservation Agreement at Valeenvista Residences Office.

Step 7

Pay your reservation fee through GCash, Online Bank transfer or Bank Deposit.

Bank Account

Bank: Security Bank
Account Name: Valeenland Realty Corporation
Account Number: 0410054291014


Account Name: Dionysius Valeen R. Chiu
Account Number: 09678344385

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